Central New York Reiki Association

This is the official site of the
Central New York Reiki Association.

For more information, contact:
Mary Riposo, PhD, RMT
(315) 416-7270 or (315) 373-0626


Welcome to the Central New York Reiki Association!
The CNY Reiki Association brings Reiki practitioners together to;

1) practice their skills,

2) give and receive support from others,

3) learn new skills, &

4) demonstrate the value of Reiki to the wider

This group is unlike any other group of its kind. Most Reiki organizations have an online presence and don't offer opportunities to get together in person to create real and lasting community. They also tend to focus on the business aspects of Reiki and are only open to those who are Reiki Masters. The CNY Reiki Association is an organization that is inclusive and is open to all who are Reiki trained; from Level I up. Members meet on a regular basis to share Reiki, improve our skills, and support each other on our respective paths. I hope you consider joining us today!

Mary Riposo

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Goals/Mission Statement

* To create a united Reiki community

* To uphold high standards of training and practice

* To provide a directory of local Reiki Practitioners

* To offer community events & outreach opportunities
   to raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki

* To offer mentoring to Reiki Practitioners

* To offer a Distance Healing Service to those in need

Membership Requirements

* Members must be Reiki Practitioners (Usui Level I
   or higher). All training must have taken place with
   a Reiki Master Teacher in person.

Members must abide by the CNY Reiki Association
   Code of Ethics & Conduct

* Members must abide by the CNY Reiki Association
   Standards of Practice

* Members must pay yearly dues to remain in good

Membership Benefits:

* Local Chapters
* Membership certificate
* Website listing (with email and website link)
* Widget for your website
* Brochure
* Social Network Group Page
* Regular Meetings
* Monthly Reiki Shares
* Reiki Student Space (for students to practice)
* Reiki Distance Healing Service
* Articles & Resources on how to develop
   your Reiki practice
* Discounts on workshops & events
* Opportunity to participate in community events
* Reiki Insurance (group discount)
* Code of Ethics & Conduct
* Standards of Practice

Dues: (choose one)
$90 (covers dues from 9/1 - 8/31) or
$50 (covers dues from 3/1 - 8/31)

 Join the CNY Reiki Association NOW


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